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 +====== weaponPool ======
 +**weaponPool** is the excellent feature to save weapons into next missions in campaign, it gives player that satisfactory "​continuous campaign"​ feeling that its not just canned missions, but his actions effect the upcoming missions, well at least what weapons he can access.
 +You activate it by adding the following line into the campaign description.ext:​
 +weaponPool = true;
 +Then in the //first mission// you issue the weaponpool commands to fill up the "​pool"​ with magazines and weapons. Its important that you do this on the mentioned //first mission// as it does not appear to work in the first cutscene.
 +addMagazinePool ["​30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",​50];​
 +addMagazinePool ["​1Rnd_HE_M203",​50];​
 +addMagazinePool ["​20Rnd_556x45_Stanag",​50];​
 +addMagazinePool ["​30Rnd_9x19_MP5",​50];​
 +addMagazinePool ["​200Rnd_556x45_M249",​50];​
 +addMagazinePool ["​M136",​50];​
 +addMagazinePool ["​STINGER",​50];​
 +addWeaponPool ["​M16A2",​12];​
 +addWeaponPool ["​M4",​12];​
 +addWeaponPool ["​G36K",​12];​
 +addWeaponPool ["​MP5A5",​12];​
 +addWeaponPool ["​M249",​12];​
 +If you want to add more weapons into the weaponPool later you can issue these commands again. You can remove weapons by doing the clear commands.
 +^ Command ^ Function ^
 +| addMagazinePool [name,​count] | add magazines into weaponPool |
 +| addWeaponPool [name,​count] | add weapons into weaponPool |
 +| clearMagazinePool | clears all magazines from the weaponPool |
 +| clearWeaponPool | clears all weapons from the weaponPool |
 +| queryMagazinePool "​MAGAZINETYPE"​ | returns the amount of magazines of this type |
 +| queryWeaponPool "​WEAPON"​ | returns the amount of weapons of this type |
 +| pickWeaponPool obj | Transfer weapons and magazines from cargo of object obj into weaponPool |
 +| putWeaponPool obj | Transfer weapons and magazines from weaponPool |
 +| fillWeaponsFromPool person | Add magazines from weaponPool to a person (depending on weapons person has) |
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