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How to make lower resolution LOD's

The background of why you need to make these, please read Low Resolution LOD page.

3DS Max

There is Polygon Cruncher which is plugin for 3DS, it works fairly well and is easy to use.

This part is TODO, please if you are 3DS Max user or that you have information about how to make lower resolution LOD's, please let us know.


You can read how to use Modo polygon reduction tool in Modo poly reducer page.

Oxygen 2

Use CTRL-A to choose all points, then use Points → Merge Near … and choose value which drops the proper amount of points from your model.

Be careful as the numbering is very tricky, add wrong amount of value and it can destroy your LOD. However CTRL-Z (Undo) works OK here, but still you should be careful.

When you do the merge, it creates sometimes a lot of simple vertices not connected, you need to delete these as they are just wasted in the model. They are sometimes difficult to track down, go through top/left etc views to hunt them down. Be careful not to choose & delete your real vertices which has faces.

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