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 Terrain builder imports 6,7 million object LBT file in 32 minutes. Terrain builder imports 6,7 million object LBT file in 32 minutes.
 +====== Multiple Tasks ======
 +HOWTO place trees, bushes and rocks with different "​task"​.
 +TPP files don't have to have single task with everything spammed into one set, for example you can have task for trees at 85 density and then you have task for bushes for 30 density and finally task for rocks at 10 density, all these in the one TPP file which also checks road cleaning etc.
 +It might be easier to get bushes and rocks right if they are probability 100 and the density controls how dense they are placed.
 +Every different object type you put into single task limits the tasks flexibility.
 +No matter how many tasks you have in one TPP, only one LBT file is exported / saved.
 +One example is to first place trees, then bushes, then rocks and last run a road and other shape cleanup tasks. You can setup so that the trees take bulk of the object space and rocks are sprinkled very sparsely if there are some random empty spots in the shape area. This creates excellent overall forestry look with your objects.
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