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   * PMC Opteryx Objects (PMC_OPX)   * PMC Opteryx Objects (PMC_OPX)
   * PMC Agent Smith Objects (AGS)   * PMC Agent Smith Objects (AGS)
 +2019-12-22 a3_rocks.tml was bad and got removed, it only contained untextured P3D models, if you still have this TML used in your project, remove it and use a3_rocks_blunt/​sharp/​water TML's instead.
 Download from [[https://​​SnakeManPMC/​arma-3-terrain-builder-TemplateLibs|github terrain builder TemplateLibs]]. Download from [[https://​​SnakeManPMC/​arma-3-terrain-builder-TemplateLibs|github terrain builder TemplateLibs]].
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