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 +====== PGW World File ======
 +[[https://​​wiki/​World_file|PGW world file]] contains coordinates which terrain builder reads and automatically aligns the imported satellite tiles into correct coordinates.
 +Global mapper file -> export raster/​image format, normally with "​create world file" option, it creates a PGW for each tile like sat_A1.pgw, sat_A2.pgw etc.
 +First and fourth lines is meters per pixel (dunno why fourth is negative), last two lines are the terrain builder coordinates.
 +You can also create PGW files manually in proper text editor for example if you import L3DT or other source satellite tiles.
 +2019-01-20 This worked OK with 40960 resolution satellite on 4 x 4 tiles, but did not work on 5120 or 81920 resolution satellites for some odd reason.
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