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 +====== arma3 GDT, MCO uvTransform ======
 +//Note; this page is a work in progress stub, please help us improve it.//
 +Ground Detail Texture (GDT) and satellite layers RVMAT uvTransform to increase or decrease the tiling size of GDT's and MCO.
 +Snake Man: ok, well can you sum it up like what does uvtransform mean for GDT, why would I use it?\\
 +Opteryx: well take a look at your GDT on mongolia, they'​re HUGE, if you increase the uvtransform values for class TexGen1 and class TexGen2 the GDT diffuse and nopx gets scaled down, class TexGen0 is mco and can only be edited in the layers rvmats because it's not present in the GDT/data rvmats\\
 +Snake Man: does GDT uvtransform size increase along with terrain size, like 2km its small and sharp while on 204km its big and blurry?\\
 +Opteryx: yep
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