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Buldozer Controls Keyboard Shortcuts

ArmA 3 (arma3_x64.exe) Buldozer Controls Keyboard Shortcuts used with Terrain Builder.

LMB = left mouse button, RMB = right mouse button

You can see what the current controls are and modify then in normal arma3 options controls screen.


F1 - Menu Help
S - Select Mode
F5 - Activate Snap Points (Magnetize Points)
Hold T - Show Texture Info
F2 - freelook camera mode On/Off
RMB and WASD to fly around
SHIFT and WASD to fly around faster
Q - Up
Z - Down
ALT-TAB to get back to the Terrain Builder window, however you should run buldozer in windowe mode so this is fairly obvious command :-)
ALT-F4 to close / exit buldozer


Mouse - Move Around
Arrow Left - Left
Arrow Right - Right
Arrow Up - Forward
Arrow Down - Back
Numpad 8 - Orbit Camera Up
Numpad 2 - Orbit Camera Down
Numpad 4 - Orbit Camera Right
Numpad 6 - Orbit Camera Left
Numpad + - Zoom In
Numpad - - Zoom Out
Hold Numpad 5 - Free Look
Numpad 0 - Reset Camera
Q / Page Up - Raise Altitude
Z / Page Down - Lower Altitude

Object Manipulation

LMB (On Object) - Select Object
SHIFT - Will speed up some operations when used in conjunction
SPACE - Select (while cursor over object)
LMB-Hold - Move Object
LMB-Page Up - Raise Object Elevation
LMB-Page Down - Lower Object Elevation
W-RMB-Move Mouse - Elevate
RMB-Hold-Move Mouse - Rotate Object Around Cursor
RMB-Hold-SHIFT-Move Mouse - Rotate Object(s) Around Object(s)
CTRL-Z - Undo (Unknown Function)
CTRL-R - Redo (Unknown Function)
V - Create Object (last object selected)
E-RMB-Move Mouse - Scale Object
Z-RMB-Move Mouse - Rotate Y (will also lower object)
X-RMB-Move Mouse - Rotate X
C - Copies objects in Buldozer (Duplicate Selection)
D - Removes objects in Buldozer (Remove Selection)

Standard Terrain Manipulation

H - Show Terrain Node
U - Raise Terrain 10cm
I - Raise Terrain 50cm
O - Raise Terrain 1m
P - Raise Terrain 5m
J - Lower Terrain 10cm
K - Lower Terrain 50cm
L - Lower Terrain 1m
; - Lower Terrain 5m
C - Copies terrain heightmap grid vertice point in the center of the selection. C-LMB paste and C-RMB copy.

Brush Mode

LMB - Raise Terrain
RMB - Lower Terrain
B-Mousewheel - Change Brush Ratio (Green Inner Vertices)
N-Mousewheel - Change Radius of Outer Vertices (Red)
M-Mousewheel - Change Brush Density
SHIFT - Flatten Tool
SHIFT-M-Mousewheel - Change Flatten Factor
Hold R - Smooth Tool
R-M-Mousewheel - Change Smooth Factor

Unknown Functions

INSERT - Switch Camera (Unknown Function)
F6 - Magnetize Planes (Unknown Function)
F7 - Magnetize Fixed Y (Unknown Function)
R - Randomize

Performance Tweak

Disable all views in terrain builder sceneview to speed up buldozer editing.

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