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 +====== Steam Subscription ======
 +**Steam Sucks, only losers use it.** You cannot download missions from steam workshit unless you subscribe, ie register and login there. Stupid as hell to download simple mission. You could try to use [[http://​]] but its not guaranteed to work on every download.
 +When you subscribe to a mission, steam client / ArmA 3(?) creates SteamPreviewCache\ directory in your profiles dir, it places preview image of the mission there (assuming, if one is available).
 +At in-game arma3 the mission is available from Scenarios -> Subscriptions. When you select the mission there and click PLAY, then the mission is downloaded.
 +At hard disk the mission is placed in your **profiles \Users\YOURNAME\Saved\steam\** directory.
 +Do not upload your missions to steam workshop, only release missions properly like we have always done.
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