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 +====== ArmA 3 Mission Description.ext ======
 +When you are in-game arma3 Scenarios menu, you'll see all the mission names listed. When you click each of the mission names you get to see overviewPicture image, overviewText and author texts.
 +If you do not configure at least the texts properly, then your mission (or campaign) looks very poorly done.
 +**Mission Description.ext:​**
 +<code cpp>
 +overviewText = "The nuke is still out there!";​
 +overviewTextLocked = "​Finish the campaign in order to unlock this mission.";​
 +overviewPicture = "​overviewPicture_ca.paa";​
 +author = "Snake Man, PMC.";
 +overviewPicture should be in PAA format and 1024 x 512 resolution.
 +See also [[campaign-description.ext]]
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