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 +====== Eden Editor Object Preview Images ======
 +**HOWTO create terrain object preview images for eden mission editor.**
 +Turn all settings to ULTRA except PPAA and Bloom disabled. You do **not** have to disable -profiles= dir as bis wiki wrongly suggests.
 +Add into <​YOURNAME>​.Arma3Profile:​
 +<code cpp>
 +maxScreenShotFolderSizeMB = 20000;
 +Then run eden editor and make like init.sqf or any way you want this command:
 +<code cpp>
 +0 = [nil,"​all",​[],​[],​["​pmc_opx_buildings_cfg"​]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;​
 +That "​pmc_opx_buildings_cfg"​ is the addon class name where your objects are located.
 +Resize all images to 455x256 and save them in JPG format using GraphicsMagick:​
 +<code dos>
 +@echo off
 +md temp
 +for /F "​tokens=1* delims=. " %%A in ('dir /b *.png'​) do (
 +gm convert %%A.png -resize 455x256 temp\%%A.jpg
 +rem move stuff to current dir and clean out temp dir.
 +move temp\*.jpg .
 +rd temp
 +del *.png
 +dir /b *.jpg >​_list_of_jpgs.txt
 +Create MyAddon\Data\EditorPreviews\ directory and move the JPG's there.
 +Write config like this:
 +<code cpp>
 +editorPreview =  "​\myaddon\data\editorpreviews\land_model_name.jpg";​
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