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 +====== CreatePewObjects User Guide ======
 +CreatePewObjects User Guide.
 +Run this tool with these command lines when you have already unpacked and ConvertWRP processed the WRP's:
 +<code dos>
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -E p:​\ca\chernarus\chernarus.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -A p:​\ca\desert_e\desert_e.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg ​
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -A p:​\ca\provinggrounds_pmc\provinggrounds_pmc.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg ​
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -A p:​\ca\shapur_baf\shapur_baf.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg ​
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -A p:​\ca\takistan\takistan.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg ​
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -A p:​\ca\utes\utes.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg ​
 +CreatePewObjects.exe -A p:​\ca\zargabad\zargabad.pew PEW_arma2co.cfg ​
 +That first creates "​PEW_arma2co.cfg"​ file from Chernarus objects, then it adds all the rest of the terrain'​s objects into it using -A append command. Take a note that the CFG file (might) need path, otherwise the tool will try to open it in the same directory as the PEW file. In this demo code purpose we did not include path there.
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