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 [[arma2:​config:​markerlights|Marker lights]] [[arma2:​config:​markerlights|Marker lights]]
-[[arma2:​config:​cfgmods|CfgMods]] to identify your mod to ArmA 2.+[[arma2:​config:​cfgmods|CfgMods]] to identify your mod. Also [[arma2:​config:​mod.cpp|mod.cpp]] in mod directory.
 [[arma2:​config:​dispersion|Dispersion]] for weapons. [[arma2:​config:​dispersion|Dispersion]] for weapons.
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 [[arma2:​config:​not_found_in_active_addons|(<​class>​) not found in active addons]] error, how to fix it. [[arma2:​config:​not_found_in_active_addons|(<​class>​) not found in active addons]] error, how to fix it.
 +[[arma2:​config:​extract_configs|Extract original bis configs]] as text files to be used as reference.
 +[[arma2:​config:​extract-class-names-with-sqf|Extract class names with SQF]]
 +[[arma2:​config:​aircraft-chaff-and-flares|Aircraft Chaff and Flares]]
 +[[arma2:​config:​turret-config-error|Turret config error]]
 +[[arma2:​config:​vehicle-sound-tutorial|Vehicle sound tutorial]] by
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